E04 - 'Diary of the war' episode 4

Diary of the war by Platform to Platform

This is episode 4 of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’, also including contemporaneous news (courtesy BBC Archive, British Newspaper Archive/FindMyPast/British Library). This episode covers December 1939 to March 1940.

May 10 2022

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On 1st September 1939, 25 year-old Malvern resident Lorna Lloyd started writing her diary of the war.
This is episode 4. It is November 1939.

Thursday November 30th 1939
This has been a hateful year, and it seems as though the ushering in of the last month of it is symbolic.
Today, using the tactics that the Nazis have made so nauseatingly familiar, Russia has attacked Finland, on the plea that the tiny state “menaced” Leningrad.
1939 has seen the fall of four independent nations one after another, Czechoslovakia in March, Albania on Good Friday, Poland and now Finland - and the Anarchists still pretend that we are not justified in taking up arms to defend what is left! Not justified, ye gods!
I wonder, has humanity always been so hateful, so

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