E03 - 'Diary of the war' episode 3

Diary of the war by Platform to Platform

This is episode 3 of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’, also including contemporaneous news (courtesy BBC Archive, British Newspaper Archive/FindMyPast/British Library). This episode covers October to November 1939.

May 10 2022

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On 1st September 1939, 25 year-old Malvern resident Lorna Lloyd started writing her diary of the war.
This is episode 3. It is October 1939.

Sunday October 1st 1939
It is a Day of National Prayer – a very fine sermon from the Bishop of Worcester – but the offer of peace is “phoney” and there is not the slightest likelihood of its being accepted.
What of the future? God alone can answer that, and its secret is best left with him.

Friday October 6th 1939
The much vaunted peace offer has been made in company with the usual lies and distortions to those unanimous parrots of the Reichstag. This is what we have been waiting for - for this weird mixture of fright and buffoonery, hypocrisy, and bluff.
He even had the effrontery, after all that

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