E02 - 'Diary of the war' episode 2

Diary of the war by Platform to Platform

This is episode 2 of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’, also including contemporaneous news (courtesy BBC Archive, British Newspaper Archive/FindMyPast/British Library). This episode covers mid- to late September 1939.

May 10 2022

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On 1st September 1939, 25 year-old Malvern resident Lorna Lloyd started writing her diary of the war.
This is episode 2. It is September 1939.

Friday September 8th 1939
A week, a little week since it all began. We, in England, are settling down to a normal abnormality, and thousands of lives and millions of pounds have already been wasted.
Commander Stephen King-Hall spoke on the wireless, a very fine speech, but there is little news that can be regarded as conclusive.
The Germans claim to have taken Warsaw, but such a statement is almost certainly for their home consumption, where the wish is always father to the thought.
If only one could get away from it, or get it out of one's head for a few minutes.

Daily Herald 9th September

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