AHEAD on Healthcare - Episode 8 - AWS and EHR Modernization

Looking AHEAD by AHEAD

Episode notes

Join AHEAD Client Services Partner Jay Ruffin with frequent co-host Houdini Abtahi, fellow CSP and leader of AHEAD’s Healthcare community, as they meet with industry leaders to discuss modernization and leveraging technology to meet new and expanding needs in Healthcare. Today, Jay and Houdini have a great conversation with Prathima Srinivas (Global Healthcare leader for AWS) and Matt Dinger (Global EPIC Leader for AWS) to discuss EPIC on AWS, EHR trends, and emerging solutions that bring the most improvement to the patient experience. The group also discusses EHR use cases that generate the most impact on cost, efficiency, and effectiveness, along with how AWS and AHEAD help offset risk and upfront cost when going down the path to an EHR system.