S3_E7: Erin Padbury & Rena Liu

The LODOWN by Lillian Osborne High School

Episode notes

In this annual rewind episode, host Sheryl Xue takes a look back at all we've accomplished throughout the Season 3. She gets the LODOWN from our Senior Content Producer, Erin Padbury and our Technical Producer and Editor, Rena Liu. Shout out to all of our Content producers, Chantal Choga, Sandy Iligan, Carrie Liu, and Mustafa Alam. Our Hosts Kashmala Yousafzai, Nabeel Khan, and Efia Wiredu. Our Technical Producers, Kevin Xiao, Sandeep Singh, Chantal Choga, and Shahmeer Mughal. Our Music Producer Sandeep Singh and our Photographer, Alyssa Fraser.