Living Undeterred

by Jeff Johnston

The Living Undeterred Podcast is an exploration into the world of mental wellness. After losing his son to fentanyl poisoning and his wife to alcoholism, host Jeff Johnston started on a journey to help save lives. Each week he is joined by a new guest to discuss mental health, addiction, and recovery. Jeff's hope is that open & honest conversations around these topics will help end the stigma, provide new ideas and build ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Micro-Transformations with Bailey Farren

    Micro-Transformations with Bailey Farren

    On this week's episode, Jeff speaks with is the co-founder and CEO of Perimeter, Bailey Farren. Perimeter is a mapping platform designed to help first responders share information with each other and public during natural disasters.Bailey was recently listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology, and has received recognition from the New York Times Good Tech Awards, the Westly Foundation, and the UCLA Pritzker Environmental Genius AwardFor the last five years, she has also been a speaker for First Responders Resiliency, Inc., where she gives lectures on Neuroanatomy, Flow State, Sleep Deprivation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.Follow Bailey:

  • Reconstructing Your Life After Trauma with Jas Rawlinson

    Reconstructing Your Life After Trauma with Jas Rawlinson

    On this week's episode, Jeff speaks with Jas Rawlinson. Jas is an award-winning book coach, resilience speaker, and best-selling author who empowers female changemakers to transform their stories into books that create global impact. Combining her lived experience as a domestic/sexual violence survivor, with a BA degree in creative writing and psychology, Jas is highly renowned for her ability to transform people's lives from hopelessness to healing through the power of writing. Endorsed by high-profile organizations such as America's National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Jas has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives through global outlets such as Business Insider, ABC and, and is also a proud anti-trafficking ambassador who has spent time with survivors and investigators in SE Asia. In 2022, Jas featured in front of 100 million people via the award-winning TV series 'Adventure All Stars' as part of her mission to end child trafficking. Above all, Jas believes that everyone has a story with the power to inspire, impact, and change lives. More Information: Follow Jas:

  • Battling The Hidden Opponent with Andy Saul

    Battling The Hidden Opponent with Andy Saul

    On this week's episode, Jeff speaks with Advocacy Director of The Hidden Opponent, Andy Saul. Andy is a former football student-athlete from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. He earned his degree in Health Promotion and Wellness, where his passion for mental health started to grow. As Advocacy Director, Andy oversees the Campus Captains program. Andy dreams of working with first responders to improve their health in every aspect. About The Hidden Opponent The Hidden Opponent is an accredited nonprofit and advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness for student-athlete mental health. Through advocacy, education, and support, our goal is to end mental health stigma in sports culture. More Information:

  • A Journey Through My Mind

    A Journey Through My Mind

    On this week's episode, Jeff does his first solo podcast since the 2021 Non-Alcoholic Beer Review. This time he sits down, no script, and talks about the things going on in his mind. He talks about:Navigating Through Grief Mental Wellness For Teens & Young Adults Battling Addiction Finding Purpose Jeff's Book: Living Undeterred Project: App: Undeterred Project: Brightn: FacebookThe Living Undeterred Project: Brightn: The Podcast: Living Undeterred Project: LinkedInJeff: TikTokLiving Undeterred Project:

  • Inspiring a Generation with Francesca Reicherter

    Inspiring a Generation with Francesca Reicherter

    On this week's episode, Jeff speaks with Francesca Reicherter. Francesca is the Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation, a 501(c)3 on a mission of suicide prevention through awareness, conversation, education, and support. She holds an MS in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of Florida and is a current MA in Psychology student at Pepperdine University where she was recognized in a Student Spotlight. Inspired by her mental health journey, Francesca works to make resources and information accessible. On January 20, 2019, Francesca lost her uncle to suicide. Just 27 days before that, she had attempted suicide for the first time, and he was the one who supported her to find hope. After losing him to suicide, Francesca’s world fell apart. Today, Francesca is a 3x suicide attempt survivor and the Founder of a national nonprofit organization, Inspiring My Generation. Dedicated to ending the stigma, Francesca hosts Normalize The Conversation, a podcast series amplifying the voices of mental health professionals, advocates, and any individual interested in sharing their story. There are over 100 episodes currently available with new episodes every week. In 2021, Francesca published, “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook,” as a guide to help the reader build a coping toolbox. In 2022, Francesca published “I AM,” an interactive workbook to help the reader build the tools needed to advocate for their mental health, and “How Are You?” as an interactive guide to checking in with your mental health. In 2023, Francesca published “Self Care,” as a guide to help the reader implement self-care practices that work for their needs and lifestyle. Francesca was contracted by the Peer Support Coalition of Florida to turn these workbooks into three workshops that began in 2023 and will continue into 2024. In addition to developing resources, Fran is a speaker spreading hope, most known for her keynote speech at NAMI CA 2022 Annual Youth Conference. She presented a session on Mental Health Conversations at the NAMI FL 2022 Annual Conference. Francesca was also a panelist at the When The Music Stops 2022 Annual Summit. Furthermore, she recently spoke on virtual panels for Magellan Health and for the National Federation of Families. She did a fireside chat at the 2023 Mind Out Loud Event, presented at the 2023 Brave Summit, and presented on her own experience and innovative ways to reduce suicide at NAMI Con 2023. Her work has been featured in the Kindness Channel and IDontMind Journal. She was a top finalist at the RevolutionHER 2022 Summit for Impact in Leadership and was honored as a Peer Recovery Champion at the NAMI FL 2022 Annual Conference. Her organization was featured on NBC6 South Florida in September 2022. In 2021, Francesca was named an Amplifier by the ConversationaLIST Awards. Francesca’s mission is to make preventative resources available, eliminate barriers, and normalize the conversation so that no one else will lose themselves or a loved one to suicide. For more information: