Litecoin UndergroundExplicit

by Why Litecoin + MegaLitecoin

A podcast intended for general cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an emphasis on Litecoin developments, news, etc. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E20 - Seth for Privacy

    S01 E20 - Seth for PrivacyExplicit

    Joining us today is the host of the Opt Out Podcast, Seth for Privacy (@sethforprivacy). We discuss a broad range of privacy issues, trying to start out with a beginner's guide to privacy as well as some useful tools you may be i...

  • S01 E19 - Growing the Litecoin Community

    S01 E19 - Growing the Litecoin CommunityExplicit

    We have a good conversation throwing around some ideas about building the community, adding content for Litecoin Fam and what the future looks like for Litecoin Underground as well as

  • S01 E18 - Litecoin & Dogecoin & NFTs

    S01 E18 - Litecoin & Dogecoin & NFTsExplicit

    We want to continue to strengthen the Litecoin - Dogecoin relationships. We had a couple of guys in from the Dogecoin community, but ended up talking about NFTs...go figure.

  • S01 E17 - Bitcoin Ladies w/ Satoshi Sarah

    S01 E17 - Bitcoin Ladies w/ Satoshi SarahExplicit

    Satoshi Sarah came to talk about her organization,; and we covered a wide range of topics around the culture of Bitcoin and bringing in a broader spectrum of participants to crypto.

  • S01 E16 - That Litecoin Essence

    S01 E16 - That Litecoin EssenceExplicit

    Each community has to have an ethos and it is beginning to take shape. Great contributions from Willie Glover, Litecoin Lisa, and Clint Westwood in this episode. Please follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the podcast! Thank y...