E105 - Episode 105: When Someone Leaves Your Life

Love.Life. by Lisa Lundy
This self-help and personal empowerment podcast episode deals with the common event when someone leaves your life or you leave the life of someone else, which is a topic that we don't typically discuss. This podcast episode can help you be happier and healthier in life.
Mar 20 2023

Welcome to my love life podcast episode number 105 when someone leaves your life.
It's March 20th 2023. I'm your host Lisa A. Lundy author blogger YouTuber motivational speaker etc.
I'm also a member of the Newsweek expert forum. What I do is I help people be happy healthy and well loved even when life is extremely difficult.
As my disclaimer this podcast does not constitute medical or therapy advice in any way and my music is by Howie Moskovich.
When someone leaves your life. This happens on a regular basis although it is not something that we often discuss openly or candidly.
I'll give you all kinds of valid reasons why it happens. You might have been the one who left someone else's life.
I'm sure this podcast will help you either way whether someone left your life or you left someone's

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