E103 - Episode 103: Making Mistakes and Getting It Wrong

Love.Life. by Lisa Lundy

This self-help and personal empowerment podcast episode deals with making mistakes and getting it wrong, which happens to everyone from time to time. This podcast episode is designed to help you make peace and move forward from mistakes or getting it wrong and can help you be happier and healthier in life.

Mar 14 2023

Welcome to my love life podcast episode number 103 making mistakes and getting it wrong.
It's March 14th, 2023.
I'm your host, Lisa A. Lundy, author, blogger, YouTuber, motivational speaker and podcaster.
I am also a member of the Newsweek expert forum.
What I do is I help people be happy, healthy and well loved even when life is very difficult.
As my disclaimer, this podcast does not constitute medical or therapy advice in any way and my
music is by Howie Moskovich.
Making mistakes and getting it wrong.
Most people in life make mistakes here or there, some more serious, some less serious
or they get it wrong.
And this podcast is really designed to help you create some peace and some space and some
movement in any mistakes that you've made or how you've gotten it wrong because frequently

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