E102 - Episode 102: I Don't Like My Mom or Dad

Love.Life. by Lisa Lundy

This self-help and personal empowerment podcast episode deals with not liking your Mom or Dad, which is very common yet rarely discussed. This podcast provides suggestions for dealing with this painful topic and can help you be happier and healthier in life.

Mar 09 2023

Welcome to my love life podcast episode number 102.
I don't like my mom or dad.
It's March 9th, 2023.
I'm your host, Lisa Lundy, author, blogger, YouTuber, motivational speaker, etc.
I also happen to be a member of the Newsweek expert forum.
What I do is I help people be happy, healthy, and well loved, even when life is extremely
As my disclaimer, this podcast does not constitute medical or therapy advice in any way.
My music is by Howie Moskovitch.
I don't like my mom or dad.
First off, this is a very painful subject and it's also extremely common.
We don't talk about it.
We pretend this doesn't exist.
I'm here to tell you it's extremely common.
As I move through the podcast, I'm sure you'll start to understand why I'm saying that.
I do have good news for you.
If you're dealing

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