Liquid Lineage

by Cassidy Cook

A lot happens between wealth, war, and the forest line. Slide down the solid gold rabbit hole and what do you find? In this mystical mystery of sacrilege and sacrifice, you may just stumble upon more questions than answers.

Liquid Lineage is written by Cassidy Cook.

All rights reserved.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Chapter 7 - Pt. 1 The Contortionist

    Chapter 7 - Pt. 1 The Contortionist

    I hope you enjoy Part 1. See you soon for Part 2!

  • Chapter 6 - Brutus, The Boy

    Chapter 6 - Brutus, The Boy

    In this week's episode, Crane slowly sinks into what he knows will be a long, anxiety-ridden journey, watching his father discover the truth about the secrets hidden deep within the forest floor. Lachlan makes a master plan of his own, and the family is left to wonder what he's up to.

  • Chapter 5 - Matthew 5:30

    Chapter 5 - Matthew 5:30

    In this weeks episode, we watch Lachlan begin a self-implosion process and we are not quite certain as to why or what is destabilizing him. Meredith attempts, somewhat successfully, to conjure some fun for the Lucre kids on this very stormy night.

  • Chapter 4 - Questioning Crane

    Chapter 4 - Questioning Crane

    Something dark happened in the forest last night. Murcie brings the family deep inside the tree line to show them what she found, as Crane is finding something too, underneath his fingernails. In this episode we get a peak into the relationship dynamics Lachlan has with the other members of the house.

  • Chapter 3 - Rocks

    Chapter 3 - Rocks

    In this episode, we meet Murcie for the first time and get a peak into her chaotic but innocent relationship with Crane. As he is frozen solid in his father's study following an accident involving an inconspicuous object, Meredith approaches.