7 Things EMS

by Limmer Education, LLC

Would you like to put in your headphones and get fluff-free, conversational CE? The 7 Things EMS podcast gives you exactly that, covering a variety of topics that truly make you a better provider. Your host Dan Limmer talks with industry leaders and experts to give you a fast-paced but deeply insightful podcast that matches any attention span. Each episode delivers 7 Things you need to know about that topic. Pick and choose wh ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • 7 Things Clinical Outsiders with Chris Ebright

    7 Things Clinical Outsiders with Chris Ebright

    This 7 Things EMS discusses several EMS patient presentations that are not very common but are still vital to be aware of during clinical practice. This session covers pediatric topics such as congenital heart defects and autism and conditions such as sepsis, autoimmune disease, hematology, and more. Listen for a great review of the “outsiders" with Dan Limmer and Christ Ebright, Lead Instructor for The University of Toledo EMS Program and National EMS presenter.

  • Season 2

  • 7 Things Passing the NREMT

    7 Things Passing the NREMT

    In this special episode, Stephanie Limmer, the guest host, interviews Dan Limmer, the Chief Knowledge Officer of Limmer Education, a textbook author, and an all-around good guy. He shares his advice for students who are preparing for the NREMT, whether it is their first attempt or an additional one. Show notes available here: https://limmereducation.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Passing-the-NREMT-SHOWNOTES.pdf NOTE: This episode is not available for CE.

  • 7 Things AEMT Accreditation with Dr George Hatch

    7 Things AEMT Accreditation with Dr George Hatch

    A recent survey by CoAEMSP found that two-thirds of AEMT Program Directors are enthusiastic about voluntary accreditation for AEMT programs, with 59% likely to seek it. The value of accreditation is highlighted in the higher pass rates of the National Registry certification exam by paramedics who attended CAAHEP-accredited Paramedic education programs compared to AEMTs. The voluntary accreditation option is hoped to enhance the safety and well-being of communities nationwide by advancing AEMT education programs. Join us as Dan talks with Executive Director Dr. George Hatch about the survey results and provides more information on AEMT voluntary accreditation.

  • 7 Things Flipping the Classroom with Chuck Allias

    7 Things Flipping the Classroom with Chuck Allias

    Much has been written about the flipped classroom. In this podcast, Dan talks with Chuck Allias from Penn State Fayette about his experiences and insights from implanting a flipped format. Chuck includes practical tips on teaching and testing and even finds a way to bring Ted Lasso into the conversation. Get CE for listening! 1 hour CAPCE-approved F3 CE. Purchase here https://lc-ready.com/store/details/103-7_things_flipping_the_classroom

  • 7 Things Research Tells Us About EMS Practice with EMS Avenger

    7 Things Research Tells Us About EMS Practice with EMS Avenger

    Research is constantly changing EMS practice. It's difficult to keep up with everything happening and even more challenging to interpret these voluminous papers. This is where the EMS Avenger comes in. A popular social media figure who talks understandably and frequently about research. Each 7 Things relate to one piece of literature that has the potential to change everything from current thinking to practice to protocols.