Life Has Purpose

by Ryan & Bethany Bomberger

***WE FINALLY RETURN SUMMER 2024!!!*** Life Has Purpose is the name of our podcast and the DNA of The Radiance Foundation--the non-profit we created in 2009. We’re not afraid to talk about the tough issues facing our broken culture, and we’re passionate about highlighting the stories that speak healing and wholeness through Faith, Hope and Love. Get ready for a life-affirming journey filled with laughter, factivism and tears ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1



    The hiatus is over! It's been a long time, but we're back for Christmas! We talk about how a humanly unplanned parenthood changed the world. PLUS, the lil' Bombs join us and talk about their favorite things during Christmas.

  • SHOW 21: Our One Year Anniversary Podcast!

    SHOW 21: Our One Year Anniversary Podcast!

    SOOOO much happens in one year, and we're excited to celebrate a special journey of life-affirming podcasts with you! From abortion to adoption to racism to school choice to Biblical worldviews, we tackle the easy stuff. Join us as we highlight our top ten favorite moments of Life Has Purpose. This episode premiered on Facebook and was a super fun time with lots of giveaways. (Sorry. If you're listening via podcast, you can't get the free stuff but there are some great promos through 05/08/21). Catch all our episodes at or on every major podcast platform.

  • SHOW #20: Fake Feminism

    SHOW #20: Fake Feminism

    Planned Parenthood is fake feminism. And it's so easy to prove it...with their own propaganda. Bethany and Ryan Bomberger expose the nation's largest abortion chain for the fraud that it is: America's Biggest Hoax. And don't miss our fun Fake Feminism Game Show segment! Learn more at

  • SHOW #19: Biden Our Time

    SHOW #19: Biden Our Time

    It's been a LOOOOONG while. Our hiatus is over! And we return to a radically different political landscape. Ryan and Bethany explore this new Biden-Harris administration from inauguration to all of the Executive Order "legislation" and the "progressive" priorities this new presidency is pursuing. We also delve into Biden's personal and shocking battle with the truth (can he handle it?). This show is on FIRE!!! (All soundbites and news articles are linked at

  • SHOW #18: BYE 2020! HELLOOOO 2021!

    SHOW #18: BYE 2020! HELLOOOO 2021!

    WOW! 2020 has been a hot mess. But even in a mess we know there are blessings! This show starts off with a teaser of NEXT year's Radiance Christmas album. This snippet is from our 12-year-old Aliyah Marie with backup vocals from her dad! (We had hoped we could've released it this year, but COVID and serious health issues got in the way.) This episode, the whole Bomberger crew reflects on 2020--the good, the bad and the funny--and we talk about what we hope for in 2021!