Jaleel Shujath: Applying scientific rigour to marketing through continuous experimentation, data analysis, and learning

Life, Science and Marketing by Paul Avery

Episode notes

Life, Science, and Marketing Podcast: Episode 10

Guest: Jaleel Shujath, ex-scientist turned marketing expert

Jaleel's Background:

  • Ex-scientist with a biology degree and lab experience
  • Over 20 years working in life science marketing at GE Healthcare, ATCC, Absorption Systems, and more
  • Passionate about science and discovery from an early age

Key Discussion Points:

  • Applying scientific principles like hypothesis testing and data analysis to optimise marketing efforts
  • Embracing both successes and failures as learning opportunities to improve campaigns
  • Tracking marketing data rigorously to showcase value and defend budgets
  • Tailoring marketing approaches to each unique company’s needs and market l ... 
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