Regis Grenier: Unlocking internal insights to guide strategic marketing, always providing value to scientists, and building trust through genuine content

Life, Science and Marketing by Paul Avery

Episode notes

Life, Science, and Marketing Podcast: Episode 9

Guest: Regis Grenier, sales and marketing expert

Regis’ Background:

  • 25+ years in sales and marketing roles at companies like Bio-Rad and Tecan
  • Now an independent marketing consultant

Key Discussion Points:

  • Strategically positioning products or services in the minds of target customers
  • Creating content marketing that truly resonates with scientists
  • Tapping internal knowledge to guide sales and marketing strategy
  • Consistently delivering value to science-driven buyers
  • Building trust by leading with credible content rather than aggressive sales pitches

Key Quotes:

  • "My daily obsession is 'Am I delivering value?'  ... 
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