Libations for EveryoneExplicit

by Charles Awad & Ben Quam

Sipping shots and sharing thoughts is the name of the game. Hosts Ben Quam and Charles Awad serve their guests one shot of booze for each of six topics of conversation, totaling six roundtable topics and six shots of liquor. Libations for Everyone! 

Podcast episodes

  • Repossessed Lambo with Tyson Schnitker

    Repossessed Lambo with Tyson Schnitker

    Know what's really boring? Bone dry turkey. Know what's not boring? Co-owner of Skaalvenn Distillery Tyson Schnitker, amidst consuming like 11 shots, a beer and two cocktails on Libations for Everyone. This episode went deep, and ...

  • Cellar-Aged Pillows with Juno Choi

    Cellar-Aged Pillows with Juno ChoiExplicit

    Craft Brewing Strategist at BSG Craft and Co-Founder of Arbeiter Brewing Co. Juno Choi makes his long-anticipated debut appearance on LFE. The guys discuss their favorite pillow (which was somehow weirder than it sounds), holiday ...

  • The Kumite Kid with Phil Mackey

    The Kumite Kid with Phil MackeyExplicit

    Feeling pretty down in the dumps about the Vikings (or whatever team is currently failing you), and want to commiserate with a few drinks in hand? On this week's episode Phil Mackey, of Mackey & Judd on SKOR North and Brand & Digi...

  • Gotta Get Up to Get Down with CJ Porter Born

    Gotta Get Up to Get Down with CJ Porter BornExplicit

    The hosts of LFE were overjoyed to FINALLY host roaster supreme & director of coffee CJ Porter Born, of The Get Down Coffee Co,, for an evening of sipping mezcal and laughing about future travel plans in search of new coffee produ...

  • Available on CD & VHS with Andy Boterman

    Available on CD & VHS with Andy BotermanExplicit

    One thing is for certain-- we're in the seasonal sweet spot for optimal barbecuing conditions, and today's guest on LFE is a total BBQ savant. Andy Boterman is an advocate for Meat Church as a barbecue wizard, a pro photographer a...