Libations for EveryoneExplicit

by Charles Awad & Ben Quam

Sipping shots and sharing thoughts is the name of the game. Hosts Ben Quam and Charles Awad serve their guests one shot of booze for each of six topics of conversation, totaling six roundtable topics and six shots of liquor. Libations for Everyone! 

Podcast episodes

  • Nope Ropes with Todd Mulhair

    Nope Ropes with Todd MulhairExplicit

    Agaves have been a hot distillate on Libations for Everyone of late, so it felt like the appropriate time to invite an expert in the arena of all things agave onto the program. Todd Mulhair is the maestro of spirits at the spectac...

  • Oily Happiness with Stephanie March

    Oily Happiness with Stephanie MarchExplicit

    It's hard to believe that it's been SEVENTY NINE episodes since Mizz Smarch crashed the party at Libations for Everyone. That was before proper LFE cover art! This delightful conversation is evidence that hiatus was far too long....

  • Cleared for Plift Off with Todd Harris

    Cleared for Plift Off with Todd HarrisExplicit

    It's going downnnnnn. SURPRISE: LFE's newest sponsor is the mighty Plift. Now Quam can discuss his business, passion and career without a character cap! Co-founder Todd Harris flew in from KC to join the boys to harken this new re...

  • Bigger Meatier Tastier with MJ Matheson

    Bigger Meatier Tastier with MJ MathesonExplicit

    The last time Libations for Everyone was graced with standup comic MJ Matheson's presence, a portion of the ep was sadly lost to a power outage. It stands as one of LFE's funniest episodes to date, though portions of it lack conte...

  • DAIQ ATTAQ with Megan Luedtke

    DAIQ ATTAQ with Megan LuedtkeExplicit

    Megan Luedtke, bar director for Daniel Del Prado's empire of restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities (deep breath-- Martina, Colita, Rosalia, Cardamom, Café Cerés, Sanjusan, Bar Rufus, Miaou Miaou, Blondette WHEW), and all around ...