Episode 21 - Royal Succession Law, Electoral Maps, and Saying "Gadzooks" to a Judge

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Episode notes

In this episode, David makes his triumphant(?) return to hosting duties as we discuss the state of succession law in the United Kingdom and ponder the possibility of a new round of religiously-motivated civil war in Britain. After that, we discuss the so-called “independent state legislature theory” in relation to the upcoming Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper and why Alexander thinks it should be called “independent state legislature fact.”

After that, we make a trip once again to the whimsical world of Captain Kangaroo Court to hear about an attorney hauled before an ethics board for saying the word “gadzooks.” Alexander also has a really funny story that he can’t tell you because of professional ethics, so you’ll just have to take our word for it… it’s pretty funny, though.

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