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by Let's Talk PMA For Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

Welcome to our channel! Here we will give athletes, parents, and coaches the tools to grow athletes mentally. We are here to help you see your thoughts, control your feelings, and what that means for your overall outcome. Being in control of your thoughts means being in control of your game. There are hard times and that’s ok, we have to have hard times to learn from, the key is to recognize what's happening at that moment,  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • New Beginnings with Coach Allie and TruElite Basketball Academy

    New Beginnings with Coach Allie and TruElite Basketball Academy

    Welcome back! TruElite Basketball Academy is taking off! Their first season was a success, where their coaches, athletes, and parents learned so much, and so did Let's Talk PMA! Listen in to hear all about the successes, struggles, and tips from Coach Allie.

  • Season 4

  • Coaches Workshop Prep! Understanding Your Athletes

    Coaches Workshop Prep! Understanding Your Athletes

    Welcome back!We're getting ready for our FREE coaches workshop and we're ready for you! Come with us as we get you excited and start the thought process to become the best coaches you can be!We're excited to make an impact and help YOU learn how to understand your athletes better.FREE Coaches Workshop:October 20th, 3 PM via ZoomSign up Here:www.letstalkpma.com/programs

  • Being Present with Boundaries with Megan Oesting

    Being Present with Boundaries with Megan Oesting

    Welcome Back!This week we were so lucky to speak with Megan Oesting, an elite swim coach and parent. She has had some amazing experiences as a coach and parent and shared with us her incredible words.As parents, it can be hard to know when to be present with your athlete's sports and when to step back. Megan talks with us about the importance of being present and understanding your boundaries of when to step in and when to let your child work through it.Helping through this search for boundaries keep an open communication and learn how certain situations make your athlete feel and the thoughts they had while encountering them.Check out our coaches' week this week on our social media!@letstalkpmawww.letstalkpma.com

  • Walking My Path With Quinton Parnell

    Walking My Path With Quinton Parnell

    Welcome back!This week we bring back our very special guest, professional golfer and coach, Quinton Parnell.Quinton dives into how important it is to accept and embrace your own path. It will never be the same as anyone else, and he works hard to teach all of his athletes the same.Give yourself the patience and acceptance to do what works for you!What makes your path different? Get your workbook today!www.letstalkpma.com

  • Processing Feelings and Finding Yourself

    Processing Feelings and Finding Yourself

    Welcome back!Today we embark on a profound journey into the heart and mind to explore the intricate dance between processing our feelings and cultivating self-awareness. Join us as we navigate the depths of human emotions and discover how they hold the key to unlocking our true selves.We dive into the importance of recognizing and embracing our emotions as essential messengers from within. Drawing from the wisdom of experts and personal experiences, we uncover practical strategies and insights to help you develop a more profound connection with yourself.Throughout the episode, you'll gain valuable tips on:- Identifying and understanding your emotions.- The role of self-awareness in personal growth.- Techniques to process and manage difficult feelings.- The transformative power of self-reflection.- How self-awareness can enhance your relationships and life satisfaction.Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey that will empower you to navigate life's challenges with grace and authenticity. Tune in and discover the tools and wisdom you need to harness the power of your emotions for self-awareness and personal growth.