Let's Talk Micro

by Luis Plaza

Clinical Microbiology explained in simple terms, suitable for students and microbiologists alike. Hosted by Luis Plaza, a Medical Laboratory Scientist, he also talks about his experiences as a clinical microbiologist.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • 106: Talking Malaria

    106: Talking Malaria

    We have heard or recent cases of malaria in the United States. What better than to do an episode about it? Dr. Kenneth Gavina, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, joins the podcast to talk about it. Tune in to learn about its life cycle, transmission, prevention, its relationship to pregnancy, and more.Link to CDC's life cycle: https://www.cdc.gov/malaria/about/biology/index.htmlLink to Future of Malaria Research Symposium: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/malaria-research-institute/2023-future-of-malaria-research-symposium

  • 105: Veterinary Microbiology

    105: Veterinary Microbiology

    Have you worked in a veterinary laboratory? What kind of training do you need? Are you able to work in one as an MLS? Have you thought about what a culture from a veterinary specimen might look like? How do you work those up? What about antimicrobials and guidelines? Kelli Maddock and Sarah Gefroh from the North Dakota State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory join the podcast to answer these questions. They are Medical Laboratory Scientists with experience in human medicine that switched to veterinary medicine.

  • 104: Emerging viruses pt. 2

    104: Emerging viruses pt. 2

    This episode is part two of the great emerging viruses talk with Dr. Ryan Relich and Benjamin Pinsky. They talk over diagnostic tests for viruses, challenges with test development, and they share their thoughts on viruses and outbreaks. Link to the National Academies Arbovirus workshop: https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/mitigating-arboviral-threats-and-strengthening-public-health-preparedness-a-workshopLink to the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology: https://www.pascv.org/default.aspx

  • 103: Emerging viruses pt. 1

    103: Emerging viruses pt. 1

    With all the information about viruses that we see coming out, what better than an episode about emerging viruses. Dr. Benjamin Pinsky and Dr. Ryan Relich, two experienced virologists, join the podcast to talk about viruses. Tune in to learn about the different type of viruses, mode of entry, diseases, and more. This is part one of a two-part series. Link to the Clinical Virology Symposium: https://asm.org/Events/Clinical-Virology-Symposium/Home

  • 102: Talking Francisella: an interesting case

    102: Talking Francisella: an interesting case

    In this episode Dr. Ryan Relich and Dr. Kenneth Gavina join the podcast to talk about an article where Francisella tularensis spp. novicida was recovered from a blood culture. Are you familiar with this organism? What are the subspecies of Francisella tularensis? What are the biochemicals tested on it and their results? While most of us might never see this organism in our careers, being aware and prepared to recognize it is essential. We have to be prepared and have a plan in place. Tune in to learn more about this organism. Link to article: https://journals.asm.org/doi/pdf/10.1128/jcm.00787-22