Leadership and Learning on the Line with David Lancefield

Let's Make Work Human by Moe Carrick & Mei Ratz

Episode notes
In this episode David Lancefield and Moe discusses the importance of leadership traits such as asking good questions, focusing on customers, and anchoring around value. He believes that leadership is more learned than innate and that anyone can rise into effective people leadership if they're willing to dynamically learn. He also emphasizes the power of connection and communication in leadership and encourages engagement and challenging constructively.David Lancefield is a C-Suite catalyst, strategist, and coach. He's worked with more than 40 CEOs and hundreds of executives on strategy, transformation, leadership, and culture, working in more than 20 countries. He is a guest lecturer at the London Business School and writes for the Harvard Business Review; he is also contributing editor at Strategy+Business. He hosts a podcast for strategic leaders  ...   ...  Read more