Let's Discuss It w/ Jae Explicit

by Luis Puente Jr

Open Discussions w/ Varies Guest. Opinions are a privilege to have and a right to speak on. I created this Podcast to gain some understanding and open our minds to different perspectives. So enjoy are random conversations and enjoy yourself and hopefully this entertains who ever listens. Thanks for Tuning In! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E05 - Jeff Young II : RocDoc Episode

    S02 E05 - Jeff Young II : RocDoc EpisodeExplicit

    Jeff Young II Episode. Clips and Commentary.

    Oct 07 2020
    Oct 07 2020
  • S02 E04 - Laschelle Shannon

    S02 E04 - Laschelle ShannonExplicit

    -The Term "Baby Mama'-Discussing the Rise and Fall of Our Friendship-Discussing Past Relationships-Going in depth about Noah-Discussing Breakups-Giving each other relationship advice-Discussing Laschelle's New Relationship-Laschel...

    Aug 18 2020
    Aug 18 2020
  • S02 E03 - Chelsi Martin

    S02 E03 - Chelsi Martin

    "Life with No Limit Blog"-Infertility-Depression-Having a special needs child- Guilt-Counseling-Being a nurse & being a parent of a child with Autism during this pandemic- DiscriminationAND A LOT MORE. STAY TUNED.

    Jul 30 2020
    Jul 30 2020
  • S02 E02 - Lesley & Leah PART 2

    S02 E02 - Lesley & Leah PART 2Explicit


    Jun 25 2020
    Jun 25 2020
  • S02 E01 - Connell & Daniel

    S02 E01 - Connell & DanielExplicit

    Let’s Discuss It w/ Connell & Daniel.Raw Discussion About:-Racism-Diversity-Police Brutality-Personal Racist Encounters-Honest Feelings about Riots/Protest-Repeating History-Social Media And so much more!!!!!

    Jun 17 2020
    Jun 17 2020