Let's talk ICP

by Javier Arroyo Ferrer

Podcast of interviews related to the Internet Computer Protocol and the DFINITY foundation. Talks with founders, developers, engineers, content creators, and crypto enthusiasts who contribute daily to the Internet Computer ecosystem improving. Learn more about the protagonists who are building the World Computer.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Interview with Louis Liu - Founder of Omnity Network

    Interview with Louis Liu - Founder of Omnity Network

    In this episode, we explore Omnity, the groundbreaking protocol reshaping cross-chain interoperability on ICP. Here are the key highlights: Decentralized Protocol: Omnity is the first 100% decentralized omnichain interoperability protocol, built on ICP, eliminating the need for off-chain daemons. Speed and Cost Efficiency: With remarkable speed and cost-efficiency, Omnity minimizes computation and storage costs on ICP, adding no extra latency to cross-chain processes. Persistent Token Fungibility: Tokens arriving via different paths are fully fungible with each other, ensuring seamless interoperability across execution chains. Trustless Verification and Relaying: Omnity relies solely on smart contracts to operate, eliminating the need for relayer daemons and ensuring trustless cross-chain transactions. Widely Applicable Interoperability: Initially connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ICP, Omnity plans to support almost all blockchains, including various L2 solutions, in the future. Vision and Goals: Omnity aims to connect thousands of blockchains, facilitating millions of cross-chain transactions per day, and becoming an indispensable infrastructure of the blockchain world. Future Expansion: Plans include support for NFT assets and arbitrary messaging bridges (AMB) to enhance the protocol's functionality and interoperability. Join us as we delve into the innovative world of Omnity, paving the way for a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem! 🚀

  • Interview with Wasim Fukase and Shumpei Koike - Founders of Chainsight

    Interview with Wasim Fukase and Shumpei Koike - Founders of Chainsight

    🎙️ LET'S TALK ICP Podcast Episode 59: Exploring Chainsight 🚀 In this episode, we explore Chainsight with Wasim Fukase, Co-Founder and CEO, and Shumpei Koike, Co-Founder and CTO. 🔗 About Chainsight: Chainsight is a platform on the Internet Computer empowering users to effortlessly create and deploy Modular Oracles. With Chainsight's CLI/SDK, users can easily build custom oracles through a user-friendly interface. 🔑 Key Features: 📊 Data Access: Chainsight enables access to various data points from smart contracts. 🔄 Flexibility: Users can index any data they need from any blockchain. 🛠️ Simplified Development: The Chainsight CLI/SDK streamlines smart contract development. 💡 Chainsight's Solution: Chainsight addresses data handling challenges in the blockchain environment by providing a comprehensive data processing layer. 💼 Benefits for Developers: 💻 Ease of Use: Developers can create contracts for the Internet Computer with minimal effort. 🚀 Enhanced Capabilities: Chainsight empowers developers to tackle more complex use cases. 🌐 Conclusion: With Chainsight, on-chain applications can address a wider range of use cases. Tune in to the LET'S TALK ICP Podcast to learn more about Chainsight's impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Interview with Gekctek - Motoko developer and the Founder of DAOBall

    Interview with Gekctek - Motoko developer and the Founder of DAOBall

    🌟 Meet Gekctek: Tech Visionary, ICP Enthusiast & Founder of DAOball 🌟 Based in Seattle, WA, Ethan Celletti is a freelance developer and founder of DAOball, renowned for his innovative contributions to the tech industry. His deep dive into the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has positioned him as a leading advocate for its decentralized potential, challenging traditional cloud giants like AWS and Azure. 🌐 Ethan's ICP Journey & Advantages: Ethan champions ICP's decentralized network of globally-distributed nodes, offering robust security, streamlined identity verification, and empowering long-term ICP token holders through the Network Nervous System (NNS) for community-driven governance and innovation. 🚀 Ethan's Web3 Exploration & DAOball Vision: Driven by ICP's user-centric approach, Ethan founded DAOball, pioneering inclusive and innovative Web3 solutions. He envisions DAOball as more than just a game—it's a dynamic hub for communal interactions, characterized by collective decision-making, captivating narratives, and vibrant community spirit. In the world of DAOball, expect the unexpected—where chaos, whimsy, and collaboration thrive! 🔍 Explore Ethan’s Projects: GitHub: github.com Dev.to: dev.to Devpost: devpost.com 🎮 Introducing DAOball: Web3-Powered Community & Simulated Sports Fusion 🌐 DAOball represents a groundbreaking blend of simulated spectator sports and Web3 collaboration, drawing inspiration from real-world sports, tabletop games, and the collaborative ethos of Web3. 📌 Key Aspects: Narrative & Community: DAOball thrives on rich storytelling and character arcs, nurtured by its dedicated community. Web3 & DAOs: Championing a model free from profit-driven motives, DAOball sidesteps speculative investments and venture capital pressures. 🎉 How DAOball Works: Spectators engage seamlessly, free from NFTs or tokens. Team DAOs influence match outcomes via strategic decisions. A cutting-edge simulation engine combines these decisions with player stats and randomness for thrilling matches. 🔗 Connect with DAOball: 📧 Reach Out: DAOball@EdjCase.com

  • Interview with Arun Pm, Founder of ELNA AI

    Interview with Arun Pm, Founder of ELNA AI

    Welcome to a compelling episode of the Let's Talk ICP podcast! Join us as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Arun Pm, the mastermind behind ELNA AI, the world's pioneering on-chain gen AI agent creation platform. ELNA opens doors to a plethora of specialized AI agents spanning diverse fields like travel guidance, fitness coaching, and crypto advising, revolutionizing user experiences. Host Javier and Arun delve into the exciting possibilities of AI on blockchain, focusing on ELNA's disruptive approach. They explore pivotal topics such as privacy and transparency within AI landscapes, proposing innovative solutions like storing user data in independent canisters within a computer blockchain. The dialogue delves into the concept of user data ownership and its ethical implications, offering valuable insights. Arun elaborates on ELNA's infrastructure, emphasizing its community-driven ethos empowering developers to showcase their creations. The conversation also touches upon the intriguing domain of large language models and their practical applications. Tune in for an enlightening discussion unveiling the potential of AI and blockchain to shape our digital future!

  • Interview with George Bassadone and Tina Rohner (CFA) - Founders of Estate DAO

    Interview with George Bassadone and Tina Rohner (CFA) - Founders of Estate DAO

    In this episode, we are honored to host George Bassadone and Tina Rohner (CFA), the visionary founders of Estate DAO. George, a seasoned entrepreneur, angel investor, and node provider, is a leading expert in Web 3, FinTech, Blockchain, and AI. He holds a BA in International Business and Finance from Pepperdine University in California, an Executive Finance degree from Columbia Business School, and an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the director of AADS and the Co-Founder of DYOR Exchange. Tina, a Chartered Financial Advisor (CFA) and an investment specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), brings a wealth of experience from her previous role as a private equity investor at Goldman Sachs. Estate DAO is a groundbreaking venture in the vacation rental industry, leveraging the power of blockchain technology (Internet Computer Protocol) to democratize access to lucrative investment opportunities in vacation homes worldwide. The EstateDAO Protocol ingeniously tokenizes vacation homes owned by Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) into EstateNFTs, granting fractional ownership to investors. These tokenized shares of vacation homes, represented by EstateNFTs, empower users to view their ownership rights, earn rewards, and diversify their real estate portfolio. The EstateMart marketplace further enhances liquidity by facilitating the trading of EstateNFTs for ESTATE tokens. Additionally, MyEstate, a B&B platform, offers timesharing privileges to EstateNFT holders, enabling them to book complimentary vacations using their NFTs for vacation homes listed on the platform. EstateDAO's mission is to revolutionize the vacation home market by decentralizing the entire journey from property discovery and ownership to seamless home trading and booking your next vacation. With EstateDAO, you can buy vacation homes starting at $100, trade ownership of vacation homes with EstateNFTs, earn high returns and rewards, and book free stays using EstateNFTs. More info about Estate DAO: https://twitter.com/EstateDAO_ICP/