Let Go And Let God

by Art Suriano

This is a weekly show geared to helping those struggling with their faith. We feature different topics, from time to time guests, and Christian Contemporary Music. The program is currently aired on three radio stations and streamed all over the world. Art Suriano, the host, has dealt with many issues himself struggling with faith when he was younger and uses a lot of self-experiences and personal examples on the program. In  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Letting Our Faith Grow (Special Guest: Dr. Bradford Carlton)

    Letting Our Faith Grow (Special Guest: Dr. Bradford Carlton)

    People often say things like, “so and so has strong faith,” or someone volunteers that their faith is relatively weak. Each of us has our levels of faith, and it is never at a constant level. We have moments of doubts and uncertainty, and then there are those times when we feel the touch of theLord’s hand because something unique happened, and we feel so blessed and close to God. Faith is an ongoing exercise that we need to work on daily. Tune into this podcast and let Art explain why it is essential to keep growing our faith and how we can easily do that. Learn how we no longer fear God but show our love and devotion and demonstrate kindness and compassion to everyone. Letting our faith grow is not a chore but is a better way of life.

  • Don't Stress, Give It To Jesus

    Don't Stress, Give It To Jesus

    We all have those moments when we feel overwhelmed with something, under tremendous pressure at work, worried about paying that bill, or afraid of making a wrong decision. We get so stressed that we cannot relax or sleep, and there does not seem to be any relief. When we have those feelings, we worsen the situation because we continue to dwell on it. Yet there is a straight forward solution, “Don’t stress, give it to Jesus.” Tune into this podcast and let Art share how easy it is to let go of whatever is troubling us and let Jesus handle it. But how, unfortunately, too many of us make the mistake of giving to Jesus, and soon after we do, we allow our worrying to take over, and we wind up taking the problem back before Jesus has had a chance to do anything with it. Learn how we let go and not take it back and how much better our lives become when we do.

  • The Worst Emotion: Hatred

    The Worst Emotion: Hatred

    We all hear and use the word “Hate” without ever wondering about the severe consequences it could have. It is OK to say things like I hate cauliflower, I hate that highway, or that movie because we really mean dislike. But when it comes to speaking about one another, the word“Hate” takes on a completely different meaning, and as Christians, we cannot hate anyone. But what do we do when someone has severely wronged us somehow? We are hurt, upset, and possibly physically injured. How do we deal with our emotions when that happens? Tune into this podcast and let Art explain how we can control our hatred toward others; as Christians, we must forgive. Learn how Christians deal with those who have wronged them in some way, and let this podcast help free you of those harmful feelings

  • The Danger of Ego and Pride

    The Danger of Ego and Pride

    We all have successes and failures in our lives. We do not like to think about the failures but some of us think often about the successes. We flaunt our success with others often bragging and boasting making us seem better than everyone else. That is not Christian. We can be successful; we can be wealthy, and we can have many possessions but in the Christian world what matters most is putting the needs of others first. Listen to this podcast and let Art explain how we can keep our egos and pride in check. Learn how to we can be successful but to put our Christian principles first and how when we do, we are pleasing the Lord. God rewards those who are humble and no matter how successful we might be, we can still follow the laws and commands of God.

  • God Is Bigger Than Our Problems (special guest: Kurt Roskopf)

    God Is Bigger Than Our Problems (special guest: Kurt Roskopf)

    When we have a difficult situation, problem, or decision we need to make, we dwell on it, and often, we cannot stop thinking about it. Whether it is a financial, career, or relationship problem, we become overwhelmed with our thoughts, worries, and fears about the outcome. Sometimes, we worry about it so much that we can make ourselves sick. But for God, there is no problem that is too big for Him, and that is why we have to learn how to give God our problems, and when we do that, we make sure we do not take them back. Listen to this episode of Let Go and Let God, and let Art explain what it means to give our problems to the Lord and how much our lives become when we do. Learn how easy it is to share with the Lord all that is troubling us through prayer and how, when we do, things always work out better.