Let Go And Let God

by Art Suriano

This is a weekly show geared to helping those struggling with their faith. We feature different topics, from time to time guests, and Christian Contemporary Music. The program is currently aired on three radio stations and streamed all over the world. Art Suriano, the host, has dealt with many issues himself struggling with faith when he was younger and uses a lot of self-experiences and personal examples on the program. In ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E97 - The Body and Blood of Jesus

    S02 E97 - The Body and Blood of Jesus

    Many Christians who receive communion, and drink the wine do it without much thought, almost as if it is taken for granted. What too many of us do not think about is what incredible miracle takes place before we receive. On this p...

  • S02 E96 - Unconditional Love

    S02 E96 - Unconditional Love

    What exactly is unconditional love, and how does that differ from regular love? On this podcast, we address why love is an essential part of our Christian faith: We love God, we love our families, we love our friends, and we are t...

  • S02 E95 - Peace Be With You

    S02 E95 - Peace Be With You

    This podcast addresses Pentecost when Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit to the Apostles. What exactly is the Holy Spirit, and what role does he play in our Christian Faith? We speak about the phrase Peace Be With You, how Jesus int...

  • S02 E94 - Why We Are Baptized

    S02 E94 - Why We Are Baptized

    The most important Sacrament we receive is Baptism. Why? In this podcast, we address why Baptism is essential, and when we are not Baptized, we cannot be part of the Christian Faith nor receive any other Sacraments. Learn what Jes...

  • S02 E93 - The Lord’s Commandments

    S02 E93 - The Lord’s Commandments

    We have all heard about the Commandments, but when we do, we think only of the Ten Commandments when the Lord gave us many more. In the Bible, there are well over 600 Commandments. But why are there so many, and how could we possi...