How to run a Marathon (without any training)

Neurohackingly: Lernen lernen by Lukas
In this episode, I will share with you some high-value secrets on how to run a marathon with only one month of training.CONNECT WITH ME💌 Sign up to my weekly email newsletter👀 Blog🌐 Website📷 Instagram🐦 Twitter⭐️ Leave a reviewIf you enjoy listening to this podcast, please leave a 5-star-review on Apple Podcasts- even a few words (le  ...  See more
Aug 12 2022

Yes, hello, everyone. Today I want to share something really, really special with you with everyone. And this is, as you probably already read on the title that I ran a marathon. Yeah, exactly. I ran a marathon. And it was crazy. It was really cool. So all started one month ago, when I decided, yeah, went out, went by train to Zurich. And I told myself, I want to try something new. And suddenly, this this thought popped in my mind, I have to say it also, is there is in my on my bucket list that I want to run a marathon and I just Googled it. And as Yes, sometimes it just is. There was a pop up of a marathon in one month, which I could run. And I just signed up. I literally just signed up with also no annulation. So I had no so it I couldn't cancel it. If I have had canceled it, I would pay

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