Unlocking the Power of Sleep - My sleep setup

Neurohackingly: Lernen lernen by Lukas
Why is sleep so important for us and how can I hack my environment for long and deep sleep? These questions I will be answering in the episode about sleep today.Mentioned resources:Sleep helps learning, memory - Harvard HealthBook: Why We SleepTed Talk about falling asleep fasterElevating the head of your bedOther interesting articles:Sys  ...  See more
Aug 07 2022

Yes, hello, everybody, and welcome to this episode of the podcast. Today I will be talking about everything about sleep and how you can improve your sleep, why sleep is so important. And also, in general, my tips on how to sleep better longer, and also how to get more so called REM sleep, rapid eye movement, sleep and also deep sleep. First I want to tell you about the website, which I am currently building and which is also online now. So if you just go to neuro hacking li.com, there's also a link in this description and want to learn more about neuro hacking and everything how to improve your brain, and body and mind, then you can just go into the description and click link and have some great posts on it. So now let's get to actually the sleeping part and today's theme. And yeah, so if

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