by Shai Davis

Lemon-aid is a podcast where teens can come together to speak about various topics related to mental health. It is a place where teens can learn, teach and share about what is going on in their lives. Teenage host Shai Davis wanted to create a safe place where she could bring her friends together to speak about important topics, laugh, and have a good time.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Sports And Mental Health

    Sports And Mental Health

    For decades, youth sports in the United States have been an avenue for kids of all ages to make friends, be physically active, challenge themselves, and learn skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work—all of which can provide great stepping stones towards personal growth and achievement later in life. When it comes to mental health, sports can be an immensely positive experience for many participants.

  • The Stress of Being a Student Leader

    The Stress of Being a Student Leader

    There are numerous chances for leadership on campus in high school. There are numerous opportunities to be a student leader, whether it be in your student body or a club. Being a student leader is stressful and comes with a lot of responsibility. How does one manage their time between school, leadership responsibilities, and extracurricular activities? On this month's episode of Lemon-aid, we'll speak about this and a lot more.

  • Friendships Going into College

    Friendships Going into College

    Friendships formed in high school are ones you want to keep forever, but college can get in the way. It's scary to move across the nation from your best friends, but it also opens up new opportunities to meet new people. In today's edition of Lemon-aid, I'll be discussing this and much more.

  • College Decisions

    College Decisions

    It's that time of year when college decisions are due in a few days, and it's a stressful time for high school seniors. Because I am a junior, I don't have much experience with the subject, but I have a lot of senior friends with whom I've had the opportunity to learn from and observe as they go through the process.

  • Pressures Put on Juniors About College

    Pressures Put on Juniors About College

    When I was told that junior year would be no joke it was not a lie. But I thought they were only talking about school but the pressure that's put on juniors about making College decisions is crazy. So many questions that we don't have answers to and don't need to answer. I will be talking about this and so much more on the 15th episode of Lemon-Aid.