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It’s hard to understand & keep up with what's going on in EU politics. Every month, Left Takes on the EU brings you insights from The Left in the European Parliament about what the hell is going on in Brussels.

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  • Listen now to Look Left -EU Politics under the Lens


    Listen now to Look Left -EU Politics under the Lens


    Listen now to Look Left -EU Politics under the Lens, the new podcast by The Left in the European Parliament:

  • Season 2

  • Power to the People

    Power to the People

    The energy model in Europe has been defined by decades of liberalisation and privatisation. The marginalist pricing model allows big energy companies to sell cheap renewable energy at the price of expensive fossil fuels such as gas and coal, giving rise to fluctuations and speculation with all kinds of windfall profits. While people in Europe struggle to make ends meet and pay unprecedented bills to heat and light their homes, European energy companies have hit the jackpot. The Left in the European Parliament has been campaigning for a radical change in the EU energy model to ensure that the energy system serves people and planet and not the profits of big energy corporations. We discussed the issues at play in the EU energy policies and the role of powerful energy corporations with MEP Marisa Matias and activists Chloé Mikolajczak and Josep Babot. Our planet, workers and families deserve an energy model that works for them, and not to boost profits of energy corporations! #PowerToThePeople

  • Mind the gap

    Mind the gap

    More and more Europeans struggle to make the ends meet, despite earning a salary. The root of the problem is inequality. Europeans are more unequal today than they were four decades ago. Paid holidays, sick leave, unemployment, social benefits, healthcare... None of the rights that we enjoy today would exist if it wasn't for workers' activism. Today, more than ever, they cannot be taken for granted. We discussed the current state of the workers' movement across Europe with Left MEPs Özlem Demirel and Nikolaj Villumsen. #workersday #taxtherich #mayday

  • Season 1

  • Hay que cambiarlo todo!

    Hay que cambiarlo todo!

    For our first episode in Spanish, Marcella Via interviews MEP Sira Rego. Faced with the rise of the extreme right that is building a world made for the privileged, where there is no space for the majority, the role of the left is to raise a dissenting voice to put people and the planet before private profit. It is time to change European institutions from the bottom to build a more equitable and fair union!

  • Who's cashing in on EU Border violence?

    Who's cashing in on EU Border violence?

    The EU’s current border regime is a profitable business for the European companies cashing in on the militarisation of EU migration policy. Who are the profiteers? Major defence companies which have been among the main beneficiaries of several EU research projects. Companies like Airbus, Thales, Leonardo have been strategically lobbying for the expansion of the defence industry.