E36 American English Idioms That Come From Baseball

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Episode notes

🎧Do you know what "America's pastime" is? Feel confused when a native speaker tells you that you "hit a home run"? Don't what it means to "play hardball" with someone? Don't worry, this episode of the Learn English Podcast is here teach you these baseball-inspired idioms so you can effectively communicate with an American English speaker!

⚾Baseball may not be your favorite sport, and you might never have even seen a game, but we are going to show you how these idioms can improve your English! This episode will explain the history behind this phrase and many others. You'll learn about "ballpark figures" for rough estimates, and how someone who completely misses the mark is "not even in the ballpark." You'll discover how the levels of professional baseball leagues inspire idioms like "major leagues" or "big leagues" to describe someone wh ... 

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