E34 Intermediate English: How to Talk About Past and Future Event Dates

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Episode notes

🕰️Are you confused about talking about time in English? Do you struggle to say if something happened in the past, present, or future? Do you understand the difference between "a year ago", "in the last year", "next year", and "within the next year?"

🎧Don't worry! This episode of the Learn English podcast is here to help! As someone who teaches English online to non-native speakers, I often encounter confusion when it comes to discussing past and future events. But don't worry, I'm here to guide you through it. We'll explore how native speakers express when things happened or will happen, so you can communicate more effectively in English.

🗣️This episode will give you different phrases you can use to talk about past and future events, depending on when they are occurring. We'll cover saying like "ago," "last," and "in the past" to ... 

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