S01 E48 - How Do You Define Success

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this episode, Dan talks about how he defines success. Get your notebooks ready.


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Mar 16 2023

Hey everybody, it's Dan Greer from Leading From The Middle of the Pack and today we're gonna be talking all about
defining success and how to help others define success too. So hopefully you got your notebooks out
Hopefully you're in a place where you can take some notes because we're gonna be covering some huge key topics here if you're listening
this podcast while you're driving
I'm gonna encourage you to like mentally log some of this stuff in your brain as you're going if you're doing something else where
You're listening to it
Otherwise if you get the opportunity to take some notes get your notebooks out and take some notes like I've got mine out
Right here. Oh, I'm ready for it. Got notes on it already to go
So anyways, keep theme song. We'll be right back in just a minute
The big qu

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