S01 E31 - "Tips" To Getting Others To Do What You Want

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this episode, Dan dives deep into how to get others to do what you want them to without being sleazy or shistery (is that even a word?).


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Jan 17 2023

What's up everybody? It's Dan Greer with Leading from the Middle of the Pack and I'm here to talk to you today a little bit about how to get other people to listen to you and to do what you'd like them to do.
Now this is not about manipulating people, it's not used for evilness, but before I give you any more of my evil tactics, I'm going to cue up the theme song. We'll be right back in just a second.
The big question is this, how are leaders like us, who aren't necessarily in a management position, who go out and get our hands dirty, who are ready to answer their calling from God to lead, who are driven to learn and grow, gain the trust and respect of those around us, to actually be heard while not coming across as an authoritative prick?
These are the questions and this is the podcast th

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