S01 E26 - God Gives You Missions It is Your Choice If You Take Them

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this episode, Dan talks about how missions are given to you by God and that it is your choice whether you take them or not.


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Dec 29 2022

What's up everybody? It's Dan Greer coming at you from leading from the middle of the pack.
And today we're going to talk all about your mission, your God-given mission.
And it's your choice whether you take it or not.
As we go through this podcast, this is going to be a little bit more spiritual one.
So I just want to kind of give you guys a forewarning on that.
Then we're going to get a little bit deep into some of my beliefs and what's going on with that.
And where I come from and what I feel and just some of the things.
I'm not saying that anybody else has to believe the same way that I do.
But I'm very open to my beliefs. I'm very open to sharing them.
And if you've ever been on our website, EclipseDOT.com, scroll down to the very bottom.
You can always see the verses down there.

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