S01 E24 - You Have To Let Go Of Some People To Grow

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this episode, Dan gets real and shares some valuable insight about what he had to do to grow.


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Dec 22 2022

What's up everybody it's Dan Greer with leading from the middle of the pack and
today we're gonna be talking a little bit about like growing and growth and
what you have to do to get some of that growth and sometimes we have to let some
people go out of our lives in order to get real growth because they're holding
us back and we may not realize they're holding us back until we finally make
the choice to let them go or we make the choice to not spend as much time with
them and so today we're gonna talk a little bit about that. Alright, Cue up the
theme song, we'll be right back. The big question is this, how are leaders like us
who aren't necessarily in a management position, who go out and get our hands
dirty, who are ready to answer their calling from God to lead, who are driven
to learn

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