S01 E03 - Why We Started Our Business (Eclipse DOT)

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this episode, we talk about the REAL reason we started our business and what has helped us to be as successful as we are. We dig deep and really get vulnerable in this episode.


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Oct 28 2022

What's up everybody? It's Dan Greer coming back at you today from leading
from the middle of the pack, the podcast that gives you all the answers about how
to be a leader whenever you might not be in charge or if you're called to be a
leader. Today we are gonna talk a lot about why we started one of our
businesses called Eclipse DOT and like what what caused us to start that and
why we started it and what really pushed us to step out on our own. So let's cue
up the theme song. We'll be right back. The big question is this, how are leaders
like us who aren't necessarily in a management position, who go out and get
our hands dirty, who are ready to answer their calling from God to lead, who are
driven to learn and grow, gain the trust and respect of those around us, to
actually be heard whil

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