S01 E04 - When Talk is Not Cheap

Leadership 377 Podcast by Gary Hughey, Jr. CPC, ACC, BCC
On our fourth expedition, we met up with John Baldoni, speaker, author, and executive coach. He shared a treasure trove of ideas on the importance of leadership communication. Additionally, he discussed how leaders could build high-performing, collaborative work environments by setting high standards, building trust, and showing grace.To  ...  See more
Jan 28 2023

thanks so much for joining us today everyone with us today we have Mr John beldani he's going to be talking with us
today about when talk is not cheap and When leaders need to communicate well so
with that I'm going to just introduce him a little bit here for our audience for those of you who may have grown up
under a rock and don't know who he is John is a globally ranked top 10
executive and Leadership coach additionally he's authored 16 books and more than 800 leadership columns for
Ford Harvard's Business review and others in 2021 the International Federation of
Learning and Development named John is a world-class mentor and added him to their Hall of Fame this year thinkers
360 named John as a top 10 thought leader for leadership a

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