S01 E03 - Leadership in a Pinch

Leadership 377 Podcast by Gary Hughey, Jr. CPC, ACC, BCC
On our third expedition, we met up with Dianna Anderson, MCC and CEO of Cylient. She shared a treasure trove of ideas to use coaching as a leadership style to empower your team to overcome fear and reach lasting positive change in a crisis.To hire or learn more about Cylient - https://www.cylient.com/You can watch the podcast on YouTube h  ...  See more
Jan 21 2023

I have the distinct pleasure and the great honor of talking with Miss Diana Anderson today for our topic of
discussion today which is leadership in a pinch Miss Diana is a Master Certified
coach and I'm one of the founding members of the international coaching Federation additionally she's a
best-selling author a CEO and the founder of salient
thank you [Music] Miss Diana welcome to today's
conversation thanks Gary well I'm super excited to talk to you
today because I want to make sure that we can help our leaders be able to find
ways to maximize the efforts that they put in with their employees especially when they're under a time crunch
wherever this time this discussion leads us that's where we're going to go so first off before

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