S01 E02 - Strengths Based Leadership

Leadership 377 Podcast by Gary Hughey, Jr. CPC, ACC, BCC
On our second expedition, we met up with Dr. Diane Wiater, Ph.D., and CEO of Wiater Consulting Group. She shared a treasure trove of ideas and insights to help leaders coach others’ strengths while using training, mentoring, and coaching to maximize their potential.In today’s expedition, Dr. Wiater discussed the following:Gallup Coaching  ...  See more
Jan 14 2023

hello my name is Gary Huey Jr the world of leadership studies contains vast rows
of information that often overwhelm new and experienced leaders when overwhelmed these leaders tend to
resort to less than uh optimal leading ways I'm on an expedition to find small and
simple things that leaders can do to make the most significant impact in
their leadership I'm hunting for the Hidden Treasures of impactful leadership
join me on my Expedition as I scour the globe talking to top academics Business
Leaders and ecclesiastical leaders to find the small and simple Treasures that will make the most enormous impact
today we're speaking with Dr Diane wyder she's a certified coach trainer at
Gallup certified strengths coach and she's also the CEO of wider C

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