S01 E01 - Ethics in Leadership

Leadership 377 Podcast by Gary Hughey, Jr. CPC, ACC, BCC
On our first expedition, we spoke with Chris Ash, an attorney, church leader, and politician, about ethics in leadership. He shared a treasure trove of ethical strengthening ideas to help all leaders maintain strong ethics when faced with adversity and competing priorities.You can watch the podcast on YouTube here - https://youtu.be/jm74B  ...  See more
Jan 08 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Honorable and ethical disagreement00:30:01 - 00:30:51
  • How to overcome ideological differences00:36:09 - 00:39:00

welcome everybody today we have a very special guest with us where you get to have the distinct pleasure of of
discussing leadership ethics and it's a very very special time because we not
only have a special person with us today Mr Chris Ash but he's an expert in
ethics because he is an attorney and a politician all rolled into one and so
you always can have them like but you'll see it's going to be amazing today
with this today you can see on your screen we have Mr Chris Ash thank you Chris for joining us today thank you
I'll give you a little bit of background about Chris just so everybody's on the same page with why he was selected for a
discussion and ethics and he is a partner in the atrium Legal Group in Rockwall Texas he graduate

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