Life and Books and Everything

by Clearly Reformed

Life and Books and Everything is a podcast hosted by Kevin DeYoung where discussions center on, well, life and books and everything. As a church pastor and theology professor, Kevin loves to talk about faith, theology, history, current events, and the occasional hot topic. The format for LBE includes interviews with leading authors and thinkers, recurring conversations with Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen, and the occasional ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • The Reformation as Renewal with Matthew Barrett

    The Reformation as Renewal with Matthew Barrett

    Was the Protestant Reformation a repudiation of the church's history? Was it a rejection of Medieval theology? Did the Reformation lead to schism in the church? Kevin talks to Matthew Barrett, professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, about these questions and many more in this episode of LBE. Listen in for some big picture analysis on church history as well as some deep nerdery on Reformation theology.Timestamps:0:00 Introduction1:47 The Reformation as Renewal17:17 Jonathan Leeman’s New Book18:00 Let’s Go Back to Aquinas40:30 True or False?: The Reformation Divided the Church48:20 Desiring God’s Light & Truth Podcast48:50 Unsung Reformers53:48 Books1:05:37 Until Next TimeBooks:The Reformation as RenewalAuthority: How Godly Rule Protects the Vulnerable, Strengthens Communities, and Promotes Human FlourishingIntroduction to Reformed ScholasticismProtestant Scholasticism: Essays in ReassesmentAquinas Among the Protestants

  • Is All the Talk of Mental Health Bad for Our Mental Health?

    Is All the Talk of Mental Health Bad for Our Mental Health?

    The three amigos are back to kick off a new season of LBE. From college football to dropping kids off at college to the rise of mental health issues on college campuses (and everywhere else!), this episode has a back-to-school vibe you won't want to miss. Stick around for one summer book recommendation from each of the fellas at the very end.Timestamps:00:00 Intro00:45 College Football8:40 Kids to College & Other Life Changes15:33 Collin’s Summer in the UK19:30 Digital Liturgies20:55 Trauma, Anxiety, and Mental Health43:30 Desiring God - Light & Truth Podcast44:25 Books1:00:34 Until Next Time

  • Life and Ministry with Kevin DeYoung

    Life and Ministry with Kevin DeYoung

    Don't skip over the preposition. This special episode is an interview with Kevin, instead of an interview by Kevin. Not long ago, Tom Groelsema, one of the pastors at Christ Covenant, took the evening service to interview Kevin. This was not Kevin's idea, but he was grateful for the opportunity to share about life, and books, and everything for his congregation—and now for this podcast as well.

  • A Little Bit of L, B, and E with Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen

    A Little Bit of L, B, and E with Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen

    The triumvirate managed to get together one last time before setting sail for summer plans. With little time to spare before Collin needed to run Tom Cruise-style after a plane bound for the UK, the three amigos chat about the legacies of Tim Keller and Harry Reeder, the books they’ve been reading and hope to read this summer, and whether they think we’ve reached Peak Pride in America. Plus, you’ll hear whether Kevin ever plans to drink Bud Light again (and whether he’s ever had that or any beer ever).Mentioned Blog Post:Preaching Resources: A Summer Reading ListChapters:0:00 Intro & Sponsor2:35 Summer Plans, Civil Wars, and Sioux Falls12:53 Tim Keller’s Ministry & Legacy32:45 Remembering Harry Reeder39:35 Books57:30 Are We at Peak Pride?1:06:10 Closing Comments & Sponsor

  • The Gender Paradigm with Abigail Favale

    The Gender Paradigm with Abigail Favale

    What is feminism? What is intersectionality? Who is Judith Butler? How does childbearing change a woman? Why do Catholic feminist scholars have such interesting Italian last names? These are just some of the questions Kevin explores with Abigail Favale as they talk about her book, The Genesis of Gender (Ignatius Press, 2022). With learning, wit, and great aplomb, Abigail shares her how story of deconversion and reconversion and how she came to see, from the inside, the emptiness of mainstream feminist ideology.Timestamps:0:00 Intro and Sponsor 2:10 Guest: Abigail Favale 26:01 Who is Judith Butler? 33:22 Is Gender Studies Godless and Truthless? 40:17 What is Intersectionality? 47:54 How do We Contend for the Goodness of Gender? 55:47 What Does the Bible Say to Gender Studies? 1:04:46 Developing a Theology of Sexual Difference