#121- Jay Black

Law Talk Podcast by Jere Mason

Episode notes

NOTE: We had technical issues with our soundboard during this episode that we didn't notice during recording. As a result this episode features a static sound throughout. We have corrected the issue by replacing our soundboard and this is not an issue with past episodes nor will it be an issue with episodes moving forward. Thanks for understanding!

The Kickin' Lawyer is joined by Jay Black in this episode of the weekly Law Talk Podcast! Law Talk Podcast streams LIVE every Tuesday at 5pm CST on the Kickin' Lawyer Facebook page. Full episodes are available on the Kickin' Lawyer YouTube channel, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. This is FOR INFORMATION AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. NOT INTENDED AS LEGAL ADVICE! If you have a real legal matter seek a licensed attorney in your area. Listening to this podcast does NOT make Jere Mason (or an ... 

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