Ep 9: Star-Crossed Myth Wishes Boy Rank Finale - Leon and Huedhaut

Latte & Foam by LovelyInc LLC

Episode notes
Welcome back to the Latte & Foam podcast, where we talk about #otome #games and related news, #reviews, etc. Today, episode 9, is the final part to a ranking of all of the Department of Wishes characters from Star-Crossed Myth by Voltage Inc. - Our Final thoughts on Star-Crossed Myth and our top two characters! We ended up having to break this video into 3 parts, so make sure you check out part 1 first for a general overview of the game with non-spoiler thoughts, and then a full breakdown with spoilers for Teorus and Karno, and part 2 for a full breakdown of Lou and Aigo. 🎬 Part One:  ...  Read more
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