Ep 8: Star-Crossed Myth Wishes Department Boy Rank - Part 2

Latte & Foam by LovelyInc LLC

Episode notes

Welcome back to the Latte & Foam podcast, where we talk about #otome #games and related news, #reviews, etc.!

Today, episode 8, is part two to a ranking of all of the handsome men in the Department of Wishes from Star-Crossed Myth by Voltage Inc. (Now Otome Romance - Love 365). We ended up having to break this video into 3 parts, so make sure you check out part 1 first for a general overview of the game with non-spoiler thoughts, and then a full breakdown with spoilers for Teorus and Karno. In this part we are ranking Tauxolouve (Lou) or the God of Sagittarius, as well as Aigonorus (Aigo) or the God of Capricorn.

Fun Fact: There's a full moon in Capricorn happening this week! 🌕

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