Varicose Veins: Something to Worry About?

The Later in Life Planning Show by Patrick Cawley

Episode notes

As the weather warms up and the shorts come out of storage, there will be a common sign of older adulthood on display: varicose veins. Those dark purple or blue lines on your legs have a fascinating story behind them. They are probably linked to your age because of what happens to valves inside the veins. They may be linked to your gender, your occupation, or your lifestyle.

But for some people, the mind races to poor health outcomes. Do these veins mean that a heart attack or stroke is coming? Vascular health is nothing to mess around with. In this episode, Dr. Bryan Kluck of Cardiovascular Experts of PA explains why these veins become noticeable, some lifestyle changes to address them, and the ways that vein experts can diagnose serious problems and treat them.

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