Ryder Unlimited Vol.1 #5 – All About Heart!

Last Light City Comics by Hyper & Danni

Episode notes

Did you imagine that victory would ever taste like salt, bad memories, and hope? One last pit stop before all the answers reveal themselves. Thank you for listening to LAST LIGHT CITY COMICS! This episode was played using a slightly modified version of Masks: A New Generation, published by Magpie Games. This episode is GM'd by Justin AKA Hyper, who can be found on twitter @RadioAirHyper. Harmony Winters A.K.A. RYDER is played by Danni Hart, who can be found on twitter @BattiDanni and at her website: battidanni.weebly.com. The voice of the Glory Driver is Sarah, who can be found making stuff with Flying Goose Studios

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