Ryder Unlimited Vol. 1 #4 – Someone Like Me!

Last Light City Comics by Hyper & Danni

Episode notes

While investigating an energy signature in Canastota, Ryder finds herself faced with a strange new enemy, and even stranger allies.

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This episode was played using a slightly modified version of Masks: A New Generation, published by Magpie Games.

This episode is GM'd by Justin AKA Hyper, who can be found on twitter @RadioAirHyper.

Harmony Winters A.K.A. RYDER is played by Danni Hart, who can be found on twitter @BattiDanni and at her website: battidanni.weebly.com.

The voice of the Glory Driver is Sarah, who can be found making stuff with Flying Goose Studios @FGS_Audio.

The debuting voice of the Mega Accentuator is Nathan Blades, who can be found on twitter @PhantomArtsEnt.

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