Rage & Social Justice: a new beginning

Larger, Freer, More Loving by Matt LaVine & Dwight K. Lewis Jr.

Episode notes

Welcome back for our second episode of season 2 which, as we said last time, is going to forefront things like the role of emotion in racial justice and social justice work more broadly, concepts of transformation and revolution, and uplifting ways of being and knowing that are marginalized in our white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist world. We were lucky enough to have a scholar, public intellectual, and activist who has done wonderful work that touches on all of these fronts–Dr. Myisha Cherry. We began by getting Myisha’s thoughts on Nekima Levy Armstrong's response to Mayor Frey and Deputy Police Chief Huffman, who all spoke at the Amir Locke press conference in Minneapolis. Our hearts yearn for and with the family of Mr. Locke and the Minneapolis community. This was a murder, and the cops and mayor need to be held accoun ... 

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