Returning to a “Larger, Freer, More Loving” Life

Larger, Freer, More Loving by Matt LaVine & Dwight K. Lewis Jr.

Episode notes

Alright, welcome folks. We are back at it again with SEASON 2. We are extremely excited about this season and what we have in store for you all. In this episode, we talk about transitions we’ve both been going through since Season 1, what’s been happening in the worlds around us, and how those things came together in our thinking about themes for Season 2. We talk about protest, loss, grief, emotions, and how they all come together when trying to fight for a more racially and socially just world. We conclude this episode by discussing some of the guests that we are attempting to bring on the podcast to talk about these themes. We may not be able to get them all, but we are going to try! We encourage you all to live “larger, freer, and more loving”!