Lance Jay Plus + (“The” Lance Jay Radio Network Best Of Series)

by Paragon 7ven Studios

"The" Lance Jay Radio Network is a nationally syndicated program that has aired on ESPN and NBC Sports Radio focusing primarily on sports, hip-hop music and current events. Hosted by James Lewis III and D.J. Rampage the First Lieutenant of the Universal Flipmode Squad, "The" Lance Jay Radio Network airs M-F on The Mighty WVOL 1470AM in Nashville, TN at 12PM Central Time and M-F in podcast format on affiliates in Seattle, Phila... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E01 - "I-95" (12.22.19)

    S04 E01 - "I-95" (12.22.19)

    First segment of Season 4 Live from Dave & Buster's who is our new sponsor. The Lance Jay Radio Show has moved from ESPN to NBC and now is syndicated on different stations across the country. No more branding solely with one media...

  • S04 E02 - "THOTS" (12.22.19)

    S04 E02 - "THOTS" (12.22.19)

    Live from Dave & Buster's Lance's homie Donovan Johnson former ASU Sun Devil football player joins Rampage and Lance to discuss the Fiesta Bowl and James Hardens 38ppg average...

  • S04 E03 - "Supa" (1.12.20)

    S04 E03 - "Supa" (1.12.20)

    Live from Dave & Busters T.J. Supa from joins Rampage and Lance to discuss Big Baller Brand and LaMelo Ball... Rampage explains to Lance what a Rude Boy and a Yard Man is...

  • S04 E04 - "Fire Truck" (1.12.20)

    S04 E04 - "Fire Truck" (1.12.20)

    Live from Dave & Buster's with Rampage and T.J. Supa and an Interview with former Heavyweight Champ Shannon Briggs #letsgochamp

  • S04 E05 - "Detox" (1.12.20)

    S04 E05 - "Detox" (1.12.20)

    Live fro Dave & Buster's... Lance chides Rampage about the fact that Flipmode has NOT released their new album yet. Rampage has also not release his solo LP "When Hell Freezes Over'. Lance tries to get Supa to also instigate an ea...