Lance Jay Plus + (“The” Lance Jay Radio Network Best Of Series)

by Paragon 7ven Studios

"The" Lance Jay Radio Network is a nationally syndicated program that has aired on ESPN and NBC Sports Radio focusing primarily on sports, hip-hop music and current events. Hosted by James Lewis III and D.J. Rampage the First Lieutenant of the Universal Flipmode Squad, "The" Lance Jay Radio Network airs M-F on The Mighty WVOL 1470AM in Nashville, TN at 12PM Central Time and M-F in podcast format on affiliates in Seattle, Phila ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 12

  • "E. Coli" 6.11.24

    "E. Coli" 6.11.24

    Review of fast food options...

  • "Flop" 6.11.24

    "Flop" 6.11.24

    I love watching Catlin Clark play but she flops all the time...

  • "Mr. Fuji" 6.11.24

    "Mr. Fuji" 6.11.24

    The Lakers job is not desirable unless you want to be a LBJ puppet.

  • "Knowledge Of Self" 6.11.24

    "Knowledge Of Self" 6.11.24

    Monologue about Father's Day & Family...

  • "Biscotti" 6.4.24

    "Biscotti" 6.4.24

    Lance talks about the NBA Finals and Kyrie Irving's maturation...