Lance Jay Plus + (“The” Lance Jay Radio Network Best Of Series)

by Paragon 7ven Studios

"The" Lance Jay Radio Network is a nationally syndicated program that has aired on ESPN and NBC Sports Radio focusing primarily on sports, hip-hop music and current events. Hosted by James Lewis III and D.J. Rampage the First Lieutenant of the Universal Flipmode Squad, "The" Lance Jay Radio Network airs M-F on The Mighty WVOL 1470AM in Nashville, TN at 12PM Central Time and M-F in podcast format on affiliates in Seattle, Phila ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 12

  • "Entertainment" 2.5.24

    "Entertainment" 2.5.24

    Never take your favorite sport or show or podcast too seriously because this is all entertainment and media exists only to drive advertising.

  • "Machete" 2.5.24

    "Machete" 2.5.24

    Jamaica is officially on the Level 3 Travel Advisor list for American tourists and that's not good...

  • "Hot Sauce" 2.5.24

    "Hot Sauce" 2.5.24

    Retrospective of the And1 Mixtapes and how important they were both to the street ball and the hip-hop culture...

  • "Takeo Spikes' 2.5.24

    "Takeo Spikes' 2.5.24

    Discussion about NIL and the Transfer Portal. This is Free Market Capitalism at its zenith....

  • "Damian Gillard" 2.5.24

    "Damian Gillard" 2.5.24

    As we continue to build with our audience on HUR Voices SiriusXM Channel 141... Here is an amazing throwback interview with media mogul Gillie Da Kid where he shares a war story about Allen Iverson from back in the day....