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Sermons of Kuna United Methodist Church in Kuna, Idaho

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  • Season 2

  • Why Am I Here? July 14, 2024

    Why Am I Here? July 14, 2024

    Why am I here? It's a question that takes right to our purpose in life. And its question that drives us to God. This week Pastor Mia connects how Nicodemus in the gospel was searching for meaning and how we can ask questions like Nicodemus, searching for our own meaning. Then we open ourselves be being born anew in the Spirit and living being blown around by winds of God — being blown to purpose and thriving.

  • Why do the Innocent Suffer? July 7, 2024

    Why do the Innocent Suffer? July 7, 2024

    When we can’t find a cause for people’s suffering, we blame God. After all, what good is God if he can’t stop the suffering of the innocent? One of the primary sources of suffering, however, is not the Lord. When God gave humans free will, he took a tremendous risk. This week Pastor Mia assures us that God would never support illness, accidents, and unjust pain. Instead we need to think of suffering as a tool that produces hope.

  • Does God Hear and Answers our Prayers?

    Does God Hear and Answers our Prayers?

    God hears more than our words when we pray. He also takes in our thoughts, emotions, and desires. God’s response, however, requires us to have patience and an understanding that the answer or lack of an answer contributes to our spiritual journey. So how do we handle the reality of answered and unanswered prayers? Guest preacher Randall Feaster shares useful guidelines for maintaining a resilient prayer life.

  • Is Heaven Real?

    Is Heaven Real?

    Is heaven real? Initially, people didn’t think of an afterlife. However, thousands of years later, Jesus described heaven as a house with a place prepared for each of us. Despite Christ’s extensive teaching about heaven, doubt surrounds the reality of life after death. Reported near-death experiences are evidence of heaven’s existence, but they aren’t concrete proof. Perhaps then, Pastor Mia explains, heaven is like faith—a choice.

  • Is Christianity the One True Religion? June 9, 2024

    Is Christianity the One True Religion? June 9, 2024

    If Christianity is the one true religion, what happens to non-Christians after death? This week Pastor Mia looks at how doubt can help you ponder this question. Are generous non-Christians excluded from heaven, while mean and nasty Christians are allowed? When you apply doubt to this equation, it doesn’t add up because action matters and so does being Christian.