S01 E09 - 009 - Marty on Media

The KMO Show by KMO
KMO welcomes his old friend and Z-Realm Podcast co-host, Marty, to the KMO show ostensibly to talk about HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us, but the conversation ranges all over the genre media landscape with extra praise heaped on Andor, Station Eleven, Black Summer, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and Go, Goa, Gone. Marty has less than glowing  ...  See more
Apr 26 2023

Hey there, KMO here with episode number 9 of The KMO Show.
On this episode of the podcast, which is prepared for release on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023,
I'm going to share a conversation that I recorded just a few days ago with my old friend Marty.
Marty has a last name, but we don't use it on podcasts because he's a...
I can't say he's a normal person, as you'll hear, but he's not a public person in the
way that I am.
Anyway, Marty lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, and I used to live on the farm in Summertown,
Tennessee, which is just 90 minutes south of I-40, just south of Nashville.
My kids were living in Maryland, and I rented a place.
I had one room and a big house on the Ilk River in Chesapeake City, Maryland, or nearby.
It was basically a two-day drive to get from the farm to my

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